Terms and Conditions
1. For Both sides:
These terms govern all Products or Services booked with www.beijing-airport-transfer.com, All correspondence should be addressed to you accept these booking terms on behalf of all the members of your party.
2. For Settle Booking & Confirmation:
Any Airport Transfers, Tours and Hotel bookings made or ordered by you shall be deemed to be an offer by you to purchase the relevant products or services subject to these booking conditions. No contract between you and the website shall come into existence until the website issues a formal confirmation by email or fax address that we have confirmed the products or services you asked. Payment in full is required at the time of confirm your requests issued by PayPal or pay on the spot when you get to the airport.
3. For Reserve Airport Transfers and confirmations from us:
The reservation will be settled formally when full payment is received. If payment has not been paid after 24 hours of the time it has been given to you-the reservation will be automatically cancelled. Except the transfers you agreed to pay on spot. After you transferred the payment, we will issue the confirmation and voucher to you.
4. For Waiting Time and Service Quality:
Our driver or assistant will wait you at the appointed meeting place with a board you name on it. Unless otherwise stated, waiting time is 2.5 hours after the actual arrival time. After this time the vehicle will be released. If you are unable to locate your driver for any reason, it is your responsibility to call the emergency mobile number shown on your voucher information sheet for assistance, before making alternative arrangements. If our driver or assistant don't show up after you wait 30 mintues you should called our emergency mobile phone and inform the situation, then the driver or assistant will find you within 15 minutes. If our staff find you exceeded 15 minutes after you called us, we will refund all your transfer payment and provide you the transfer service free of charge. If you don't show 2.5 hours after the flight landed or 30 minutes later after the settled meeting time in hotel lobby, and don't call us to inform the situation, our driver and assistant will leave, the payment can't be refunded. If you selected to pay transfer on spot, but didn't show up and didn't call us, left the airport by other means, although you didn't take the vehicle, you have to pay us as confirmed rate, our staff will come to your hotel for collect the money.
5. For Cancellation Deadline:
The payment will Fully refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours in advance. If you cancel the booking within 24 hours your fully payment will be cancellation charge and non-refundable.
6. For Payment on Spot:
If you have problem with PayPal and can't pay the invoice, for your convenience we agree you pay cash on the spot when you meet the driver or assistant. If you don't show more than 2.5 hours after the flight landed and leave airport by other means, and didn't call us, we will go to your hotel and collect the full payment for the transfer. For that situation, you can't deny the payment.
7. For Late Bookings:
If you booking transfers within 48 hours before you load the flight, We will check and reply you if we can confirm your booking or not.
8. For half day and day tours:
You could choose to pay the full payment or prepay 50% to settle the reservation. Our tour guide will contact you one day in advance to check the itinerary of half day or day tour. If you don't pay full payment in advance, you need to pay the balance when you meet the tour guide. When you want to add sightseeing spots to your itinerary or extend the visiting time, you need to inform us in advance, or call us in your visiting. We will quote for the extra requests, if you accept the price, please pay on spot to the tour guide. If you want to cancel the tour, you need to inform us at least 2 days in advance. If you cancel it within 2 days, 20% of total price can't be refund to you which will be as cancellation charge.
9. For Hotel Reservations:
Full payment need to be transferred when the reservation is settled, we will provide the phone number and email address of the hotel, you could call or email the hotel to check your booking. If you want to cancel or change the reservation, you need email us at least 2 days in advance. If you cancel your booking within 36 hours or you don't show without any information, we won't refund to you.
10. For service including and excluding and PayPal Tax:
Every service or product is inclusive of the items we declared in our website. For PayPal payment, there will be an additional 4% tax added to the totally cost as per PayPal’s policy.
11. For Tips:
Tips are not included in our price, these are at your discretion.